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The first GTA website that I was a member/admin/3dmodeler at and the first site that I left due to differences of opinion between me and some members of the staff.
I had removed all my mods from the site when I left and have since then given them and any other GTA site permission to host my mods for GTA IV/EFLC, GTA SA, and GTA VC with out the fear of removal by me!


This is where I moved to when I left GTAGAMING!
It was a good site and I had a good time there until I started getting told what I should and should not post in the news.
With that argument it was desided by me that I just needed my own site where I could do what I wanted!
So I packed up my shit and left!


This is a great site for GTA V PC cheats.


This is OpenIV.com the creators of the program that will make GTA V modding possible.


This is the home of Oleg the creator of Zmodeler3 which is the program I use to make 3d models and mods for GTA.
Keep checking Olegs forums for information on the new import/export plugins that he is creating for Zmodeler3 to edit models in GTA V.